Contact Lenses

See Clearly            Feel Free            Look Good

Whilst we stock many attractive spectacle frames, there are times when contact lenses are the more natural choice:

  • For a different look – either wearing them all day or just socially
  • For sport – to give a wider field of vision without steaming up
  • At work or school
  • For special occasions or holidays

As we fit a wide variety of contact lenses, including daily and monthly lenses, most people can now wear lenses including:

  • Myopia or Hyperopia (long or short sight)
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia       (those who need extra help to read close)
  • Higher powers

With the latest technology, modern lenses are thinner and more comfortable and allow significantly more oxygen to the front of the eye. They can often be worn for several hours on the first day.

The only way to experience the freedom of contact lenses is to give it a go!

Our experienced staff can answer many questions.  However, if we have not examined your eyes before, they will book an appointment, at no charge, with one of our splendid team of contact lens practitioners to discuss the choices.

If possible, please bring a copy of your most recent spectacle prescription with you.